shameless fiction intruding upon my unknowing heart.

entering boldy only to create an unparalleled physical expression of your wrath, the penetration was gentle.

shame on you fictitious man.

creating the illusion of mutual dependence

so that in reality I was the colonized.

making a pretense of our desire.

so that in reality you were adored.

shameless fiction imposing yourself upon my otherwise sturdy soul.

you entered sleekly only to create an irriversible change of values.

shame on you fictitious man, you became my lexicon

so that versions of me were separated,

never relating to one another.

fractures intensified by your absence.

shameless fiction.

a silent lexicon of words you created

so that through you I was defined.

as if you were the sole path to happiness

while woman.

your fictitious nature is naive.

you were forgiven long ago.

you are the mirage that was once corporeal.

the fading past that was once real.

*Because reality is based so much upon our peceptions, and because we create so much of what we think is real, “reality” requires a parenthetical reference, a qualifier, most of the time.