The second problem of the world is the internet.

I am trying to edit an essay I wrote a week or so ago because it is due tomorrow.
I started at 5pm. I came back from school because I thought I would be less distracted at home. I have been home now for 9 hours and I have not edited a thing.

I have spoken to Sophie for 2.5 hours on the telephone long distance about:

interracial relationships. love. marriage. careers. salary levels. career moves. pretentiousness. love. marriage. the hypocrisy of men. the indecisiveness of women. love. marriage. new year’s eve. ethiopian mothers and eritrean mothers, differences between. love. marriage. world peace. the possibility of more than one soul-mate. love. marriage. death.

You see? But it doesn’t stop there.

I MSN’d my younger sister Senait who is doing her 3rd year of university as an exchange student abroad for about 2 hours, we talked about many things but mostly I had the NERVE to lecture her about getting her work done on time. How HARD WORK, PERSISTANCE, MOTIVATION are the only things one needs in life. How she should START NOW. Can you believe the hypocrisy? Other things we talked about:

a cute guy I saw. the possibility of the cute guy marrying my sister. my vision of seeing her dressed up in white coming down my parents’ stairs (with the cute guy). school. her lecturing me about getting back to work. me getting back to work. me getting back on msn.

AND NOW I BLOG TO YOU. SO the second problem of the world is the INTERNET…URG!!!!

I cannot stop reading about other people’s lives. I loved this girl’s blog: Claudia LeBlonde. She talks about throwing a chicken leg at her brother. It was so funny I laughed out loud and tears strolled down my cheeks; and then I looked at the time. The tears took on another meaning.

The essay I am editing is entitled

Lawless Spaces: The Epistemic, Political and Racialized Maintenance of Refugee Camps and “Refugeeness”

I like the essay, I like it a lot. But I cannot finish editing because of the stupid ass internet. It keeps begging for me to come back like a long lost lover like, “HELEN…come BAAAAAAAAACK TO MEEEEEEEEE” and then I go back, with my backpack and bottled water, ready to confront the virtual terrain. I HATE this. I am doing it now. and now. and now. and now. and now. and now. and now. and now…………urgh.

So I have a new space that is lawless. The internet is a lawless space. There are no time limits. Sites do not kick you off after you’ve overstayed your welcome. Yahoo! doesn’t tell you that you’ve trespassed. Google opens its great big virtual doors and doesn’t worry about theft. The internet is the lawless space extraordinaire- never mind the serious stuff like the proliferation of hate speech and child porn, the simple stuff, like forgetting to move your car which is parked in a no-park zone because you have been on the internet for too long, is also lawless.

Whew. Ok, back to work.