I am so tired, been up all night reading…

But of course I had time, like a true virtual consumer, to shop the web. I got some gorgeous things:

1) A website with old Eritrean/Ethiopian/Sudanese Songs (from 60s and 70s): http://www.medlem.jubii.dk/eritrea/music.php?

(a) A website for Winta, an up and coming Eritrean artist in Norway doin’ her R&B thing (good music videos, check it out): http://www.wintaonline.com

2) A dope “Burnt Face” website. (Ethiopia means “Burnt Face”) The site is sub-titled, “F.A.R.M” = “Futuristic African Rap Music”. The creativity is boundless really. Their tracks are amazing. I am just wondering where I can buy the album. It doesn’t say on their site:


3) The AERmed Mindz website: http://www.aermedmindz.com

These guys are talented, witty Eritrean guys who fuse their Tigrigna/Arabic/American influences into their music. They are hilarious too. For example one song on their new album is called: “Gimme de Hawee” (Gimme the Heat) and it has a skit with an older Eritrean man calling his wife to make sure she will have dinner waiting for him when he gets home. The man is blessing God that he has such a good wife who cooks for him.

Then…the song. The beat is Sean Paul’s “Gimme de Light” and the guys from Aermed Mindz (Legacy and Shida) start talking like old men:

“Geziye t’keyiru, t’keyiru” (Times have changed, times have changed)

“Injera Hamburger koynu” (Injera – Ethiopian/Eritrean staple food – has become Hamburgers)

Then the music.

“Gimme de Hawee and pass the Derho…Tsebhi be’aley k’serho” (This is the funniest part: “Gimme the heat and pass the chicken, I will make the Tsebhi – Traditional sauce – myself”)

Basically they are saying how feminism has ruined Eritrean women. We no longer cook in the kitchen and we send our husbands (well…the ones that are married) to McDonalds and Burger King etc. It is so satirical and funny! They are speaking for our generation, the youth, the Eritrean diaspora who has studied here. We women are afraid of the kitchen is what they mean.

I have had this discussion ad nauseum with people in my family. Does cooking make a wife a wife? My mom has said since I was young that nobody will marry me 😦 unless I make good Eritrean food. I think that is why I am gonna marry a Brazilian.

Anyway…I love that song so much I am gonna listen to it again…peace!

P.S. As you can tell I have been looking at African sites. I miss the real Eritrea – the smell of the air, the women cloaked in white, the simultaneous sound of the Mosque and Orthodox church in Asmara – can’t wait to go back next year.

P.P.S. Just found out that I was banned from zombyboy’s website at http://www.resurrectionsong.com. If you want to go check out what I said to deserve the anti-democratic gesture, go do so. He is a conservative racist who I should have never wasted neurons on but what else can one do with the gift that is passion?