The ©ommodification of human beings is almost complete, my professor said.

Hmm…the c©ommodification is almost complete so it is precisely at this point where resistance is futile. People are dead or dying, inbetween worlds, and c©ommodification is thriving. Is it the end of history? The dialectical history that Hegel wrote about in 1806, with setbacks and “warts” alike (as Fukuyama described it): has it reached its peak?

If c©ommodified is what we are then I submit here in my blog, admitting to the accessibility of some at the expense of many others. (Read ‘Moral Question of Web Publishing’ – 1st entry) Perhaps this is not “at the expense of others”, maybe this not pure competition, not all zero-sum in economic terms. But this is a naive way to think of this project, the c©mmodification of people.

I just finished an article about African states and mass education. The author says this is a ‘Rocky Romance’. The contradictions are many; varying interests are difficult to overcome. But some interests, such as c©mmodification, use other interests as a means to its own end. It is a meta-interest.

T h a n k Y o u,

Helen C©mmodified

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