I can’t sleep.

I have been in bed since 1:00am. It is now 3:00am.

I turned my computer back on to figure out exactly what it is I need to do because usually I can’t sleep if there is something I’ve forgotten to do and I can’t remember or if there is something pending that I realize I need to get out of the way before I can relax. I don’t usually forget things that I need to do, although at times I might just ignore them…so this can’t be the reason.

I am blogging now hoping that I’ll remember soon. So what can I talk about?

I miss my sister man. I wish she was here so we could just chill, talk, laugh.

(About why I can’t sleep…don’t know yet.)

I miss Lem too. She should be coming tomorrow so I’ll talk to her then. Her birthday is coming up on the 15th. Kesha’s on the 13th. Sarah’s on the 26th. Lots of Aquarians.

I always find it interesting how otherwise smart and ‘scientifically-oriented’ people know thier horoscopes. Even for the average Kwame, why should he know his horoscope. It’s funny. I asked my friend Raka awhile ago what his horoscope was and he said “Aquarius”, “Fish”. I am just laughing at this cause everyone knows Aquarius are the scales. But it’s like a peice of North American/European cultural knowledge that’s known by everyone, believed or not. I’m a Virgo but cusp Libra. Critical, Balanced, Perfectionist, Loyal, Committed, Analytical (but I don’t know what they mean by analytical: as in linear or probing? Perhaps both. Haha…just realized I did it now so it probably means probing…wow, I’m putting a lot of trust in this.)

I like being a Virgo.

(Circumstance-rationalization! Too late to be anything else that’s for sure.)

Okay I am tired but I know if I go back to bed I won’t sleep for another hour. It is just one of those nights. Wow I miss that song by Monica “Just one of dem days…that a girl goes through”.

Eyes burning. Yawning. I’m out.