Been absent from the blog for a little while.

It is hard to build momentum back up after not writing for a bit. Kinda like working out. You do a great job consistently until that week or two off that throws you off kilter. I am back on track for both of these things. Blogged and worked out today. Hope to be more diligent in both.

So what’s new? Had a friend stay with me for a week which explains my absence. But she’s not just a friend she’s a sister. The kind you fight with every 5 mins then forget about it and laugh for the next 20 mins. Boy can we fight. I think we are both very headstrong and proud. But we are both kind and giving. (talk about tooting one’s own horn…)

Otherwise this week has left me rather uninspired. I am busy working on a lot of essays. I am stressed out. Feeling like my skin is not doing well. Bought some organic food on Wed. of last week which is now completely done! So expensive yet so scarce. The price of health here in Canada is ridiculous. It is easier financially to be unhealthy. Nutritional anthropologists actually back up this assumption. I once wrote an essay for some guy (a friend’s roomate) on the Fast Food industry in the Western world and how it is demographically organized in my 3rd year of university. (I wasn’t in the class but I had to do research and he ended up with an 83%.) I learned among other things how the wealth of Westerners is defined by their resistance to food (avoiding excess) as opposed to the Third World where people are “healthy and rich” according to their access to and consumption of food.

So fast food industry caters to the poor while organic food industry caters to the rich. How ironic.

Anyway…I’ve figured that eating expensive granola is not the only way to eat healthy. You can eat tons of fruit with fibre such as apples which is less expensive overall. I think that drinking 2L of water/day is a great concept but it makes you go pee like mad. My pee looks like water and I keep interuppting people while they talk to go to the toilet. Ah well good way to end conversation anyway.

You know, one of my best friends used to always say that I was the best at ending conversations. We would bump into people at the mall and she’d say wow, we all wanted to leave but you eventually did it. You did the ugly deed, ending the useless babble of acquaintances.

I think this is the reason why I’ll eventually rule the world.