Answer only in song titles by a musician:

Are you male or female: “I’m Every Woman” (Chaka Khan)

How old are you: “Age ain’t Nothin But a Number” (Aaliyah, RIP)

Describe yourself: “Final Hour” (Lauryn Hill)

How do some people feel about you: “By Your Side” (Sade)

How do you feel about yourself: “Fear not for Man” (Fela Kuti & Mos Def)

Describe your views on significant others: “Possibly Maybe” (Bjork)

Describe what you want: “Mo Money Mo Problems” (Notorious B.I.G, RIP)

How do you see the future: “Beautiful Struggle” (Talib Kweli)

Describe how you love: “Ex-Factor” (Lauryn Hill)

Share a few words of wisdom: “Umi Says” (Mos Def)

Describe the state of world politics: “Ain’t Saying Nothing New” (The Roots)
(American Politics?: “The Rape of the World” (Tracy Chapman) )

Want to ask a question? I”ll respond will a song title to all of the two people who check my blog.
(Wish I could do this for essays: i.e. How has rationality changed in Western philosophy, what problems of ‘objectivity’ have brought about this change: “Nothing even Matters” (Lauryn Hill)