I had a dream I died last night.

Ten things to say to ten people:

1. You are the best, you r sacrifices will not be in vain, believe me!
2. Ditto.
3. I wish I was there to be there and help you grow much more. I hope you’ll come to me if ever you need help. You will become a great young man. Keep trying with everything, don’t ever give up. I believe in you……
4. What can I say? We talk too much to leave anything out. I’m glad I’ve been your role model (hehe) and that you copped all my styleez. You know you did. Admit it and we’ll be great for life.
5. I love you even though you’re an idiot.
6. You are an inspiring person and a friend for life. I know you’ll always be there for me because your heart is in the right place and you know me too well for my own comfort.
7. I’ve learned so much from your struggles, you are my hero. When my parents pass, you are the only person I want to have around because you will remind me how life goes on despite hardship.
8. You have always been independent, nuff respect. And Thanksgiving is never the same if it aint at your place. I’ve learned how spoiled I am through your habits…as simple as not expecting anything. Learned a lot about rel’nships from you too.
9. You made my university experience so much more enjoyable. It’s nice to have a friend who always listens and understands. And to know you are on my side regardless of anything that happens makes me feel you’d never judge me. I feel more comfortable with you than many other people. And can’t wait to work my ass off for the wedding, wink, wink.
10. Hey there. I know you read this blog once and awhile. It’s been interesting getting to know you. And thanks for dinner.