“The people will come when you hard – ass mufu’s play the shit that they like.
When you play the shit that they like, people will come. Simple as that.” (The Roots, Things Fall Apart)

This is one of the dopest albums and mine is all scratched up so I’m missing it. Big Problem here: do I re-buy albums or not?? I have a lot of scratched up cd’s from moving, etc. What to do?

I’m at school now, what to say. I wonder if this blogging has hit a steady plateau off the initial peak of excitement cause I have not written in awhile… I’m kinda sick of the internet to be honest. It makes you not live in a sense. I want to be in the world fully, truly, deeply, materially.



Okay, I’m back. Turns out the world is not all its cracked up to be. Thanks to the people who invented cyber-society. The internet is a breath of fresh air, as ironic as that may seem in my basement apartment in a hyper-urban city space, downtown Toronto.

The internet takes me from Cuba to Costa Rica to Cairo in 30 seconds. (I have high speed.)

Going to Vanuatu right now…have always wanted to be in the South Pacific.