Hey y’all…I’m back on track. Got the high speed connectivity at home. Forgot how distracting it can be. And talking about distractions, I’m getting BET for the first time in my life. Why are the videos so repetitive? And what is so hot about wearing the chains that look like they’re about to bite off the p***s? Too heavy and too bling. Just saw the MTV Video Awards (yes, I’m behind) and Ludacris is wearing a diamond chain with a full diamond pendant in the shape of the motherland. Africa. Why?

Let me go ahead before I lose my mind.

IMAN! I saw Iman today. She is one of the most….

…ok you know what? I’m not about to lie. I don’t really care for Iman because I don’t follow supermodel careers that intensely. I respect her grace and business sense but frankly I don’t wear her makeup line except for a few lipsticks I got on sale last year; to be really honest, I think they smelled funny. Kind of like wax. I threw out two of them. She was the right face at the right time. And that’s exactly what she said during her speech today. A man asked her if she’s ever modelled while she was a Political Science student in Nairobi in 1975. She was offered money for her tuition and then she took some pictures. The rest is history. She was a model for 15 years and has run her cosmetics line for 10. She’s married to David Bowie, not that this would define her in anyway cause as we all know the husbands are defined by their wives. Lucky him!

She didn’t speak for long, only a few mins. but she greeted her Somali sisters in the audience in Somali, which I thought was cool. She could have just neglected to recognize them which a few Africans in the limelight do. We asked questions and I asked her if and when she goes back to Somalia. She talked briefly about “our” country (she thought I was also Somali) and how the political situation seems to be more hopeful with a new president-elect. One lady asked longwindedly about how she could better cover up her dark circles under her eyes. She could have saved this question for a cosmetician…Iman is a business woman more than a beauty consultant. However, her new book begs to differ. Her new book is on Beauty for women of colour. Some good tips in there, but nothing you can’t get off the internet or, better yet, common sense. But even Common Sense has gone crazy. No pun intended.

But seriously, I took a picture with Iman for the sole reason to have a picture with Iman. I just wanted to have a picture with Iman. I mean, no reason. But when I got up there and we were face to face I had nothing to say. I didn’t want to say I respected her for breaking down barriers because it would seem trite. I couldn’t say she was beautiful – too redundant. What do you say to an African millionaire with a thriving business career, good genes, charming personality and cultural sensitivity? Then it just hit me: “Can I have a picture”?

Anyway, as we were leaving the venue some interviewers asked my friend Lemlem and I a few questions. Looks like we’ll be on Fashion Television talking about IMAN. Catch us on TV! (Watch it be some snippet where I’m scratching my head talking about nothing important). Y’all know how the media do.