Cover of the book: “The Challenge Road: Women and the Eritrean Revolution”
(By: Amrit Wilson)
what’s inside the heart of a revolutionary?
do they yearn for home or detest the homebound?
can one hope for tomorrow but live for only one second, minute, hour of the day?
does a revolutionary believe in tomorrow –
perhaps they could care less about about whether it comes at all?
do they shed tears for dead sons and daughters;
or laugh until their eyes water,
mocking those who can’t bear the bitterness of life?
what’s inside the heart of a statesman?
do they believe in their goals or merely believe and dictate the goals of others?
do they understand the plight of their citizens when they protest,
“no food, no jobs, no peace”
does a statesmen see protest as greed;
the unwillingness to ask the Kennedy question:
‘what can you do for your country?”
With all these questions we should hesitate to wonder what might be in the heart of a