This picture was taken in Brooklyn Heights, looking over at the Manhattan skyline and Brooklyn bridge. Look at the beautiful sunset!

Hello, it’s been a while since I’ve posted, almost a month. I have good reason. I will have to post what I’ve done retroactively but for now, let me just reminisce. I got back from NYC at 11pm last night.

New York how I love thee: let me count the ways!

Ok so on Sunday I was in Brooklyn…damn, that is the BOMB bourough. So unbelievably beautiful. It is so historical, some areas feel old European (ok, colonial) but if you like architecture… it is a sight for sore eyes.

I would walk down the street rhyming old Mos Def lyrics in my head(sheepish smile) like the song “Got” – Black on Both Sides:
“some cats really like to, you know, profile and front;
don’t get me, don’t get me, don’t get me don’t get get get get get get me”

“you out on the block hustlin on the spot,
GOT this is how you get got
you rollin round town with your system crunk and your window cracked open to profile and front
now i like to have nice things just like you but I’m from Brooklyn
certain things you just don’t do –
like high postin when you far from home or
like high postin when you all alone
now this would seem to be clear common sense
but cats be livin off sheer confidence like
f*** that, bit**es be tellin me run that [sic]
but actin invincible just ain’t sensible
its 1999 and certain individuals tryin to get robbed on principle…”

i haven’t heard that song in forever… then I passed by Marcy projects and was thinking of Jay Z:

“from Marcy to Madison square, to the only think that matters in just a couple of years…”

Have to go now but will update again later…