Honouring African Women
What does it mean to honour an African woman?
It means to reflect upon her life – a daily testament to her strength.
It means to be inspired by her wisdom and humility.
It means to be amazed by her vision for her family and humanity.
It means to be humbled by her sense of justice.
It means to acknowledge her dignity.
Today I’d like to honour one special African woman in my life and, yes it is cliche, but it is my Mother.
My mother like many African woman left her family at a very young age and as the oldest sibling had to provide for them by working in Arab countries and then in Canada. Her integrity is remarkable because she hasn’t undermined her sense of self despite the poverty and early independence she endured. As a mother she is caring, steadfast, pragmatic, critical, loving, loving, loving. She loves us more than she loves herself I believe. I am lucky to have her as an inspiration and everyday in my head is a voice whispering to me, “…if she can do it, you can too…”
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