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17 MARCH 2006
(Press Release)

The African Union has learnt with consternation and deep regret of the
recent attack by Israeli Forces on Jericho and its Central Prison, in the West Bank, during which the Secretary-General of the PLFP together with 180 prisoners and other civilians were arrested and three Palestinians were also killed and thirty-five wounded.

The African Union therefore strongly condemns this unwarranted raid,
which is a clear violation of the Agreement reached between the Government of Israel and the Palestinian Authority on the question of the prisoners. The African Union calls upon the International Community, especially the members of the Quartet to halt the dangerous deterioration of peace and security in the Palestinian Territories and to immediately intervene in order to protect the prisoners taken from Jericho in compliance with the Fourth Geneva Protocol relating to the treatment and protection of civilians under occupation.

The African Union joins the International Community and the UN Security Council in calling on the Government of Israel to respect its obligations under international law and to end its repeated assaults on the Palestinian people, which will only serve to increase tension and incite more violence in the occupied territories and the entire region.