Free Hao Wu 释放吴皓
Day 55 of Hao Wu’s Disappearance.

Hao Wu (Chinese name:呉皓 “Wu Hao”), a Chinese documentary filmmaker who lived in the U.S. between 1992 and 2004, was detained by the Beijing division of China’s State Security Bureau on the afternoon of Wednesday, Febuary 22, 2006.

The Great Fire Wall disgusts me and so does every other wall erected in modern history – have we not learned yet that we cannot be separate from each other: that ideas always travel? That we are intertwined whether we like it or not. The internet is only one manifestation of this truth. Real people are not scared of walls – the Berlin wall, the Israeli wall, the eminent U.S. wall ostensibly to protect U.S. citizens against those dangerous Mexican immigrants. Real people will scratch at the wall one thin layer at a time; remove one stone at a time; crack one peice at a time, melt one cookie at a time.
Or maybe we’ll just burn down the whole f******g wall at once.
Awet N’Hafash: Victory for the Masses! This is not just a slogan, it is a way of being.