Can you name 11 people you can think of right off the top of your head? Don’t read the questions underneath until you write the names of all 11 people. This is a lot funnier if you actually randomly list the names first… No cheating!

1. manal
2. kesha
3. lem
4. soph
5. senu
6. the never ending lover boy
7. far
8. adam
9. the never beginning lover boy
10. mom
11. mike

How did you meet 10?
well I could start at conception, but that would be too much. God was our matchmaker, and I thank him for that everyday. I think we really met for the first time when she started to realize I could think and act for myself and did a pretty good job. we really met when she saw how much I really liked and respected her as a person…probably when I could express it at 10 years old or so.

What would you do if u had never met 6?
lol, wow, did I really get this question for #6? it’s like the question that i’ve always wondered about. had I never met 6 I would have probably not realized how deep my heart is, and would have never learned my own frightening capacity to give, forgive, accommodate, understand, be patient, and basically just love…
…but maybe I would have also had more time to find another kind of love.

Have you ever seen 4 cry?
yes, and she looks beautiful doing it.

What would you do if 6 and 2 dated?
I would tell #2 to get out, FAST! Then I would secretly admire them for finding in each other the beautiful qualities I see in each of them. Then I would cry and probably sabotage any attempts to marry.

Think 1 is handsome?
yes, she has a very handsome mind! she’s female, so calling her mind handsome expresses how progressive her thinking really is, breaking down boundaries, urging change, indifferent to obstacles…

Tell me something about number 11.
Loving younger brother. The joy of my heart, gives the best hugs and never forgets who he is.

How did you know 8?
Lol. How did I know 8. 8, why don’t you tell them?

What’s 7’s favourite color?
I think Green, but she’s weird.

What would you do if 2 confessed he/she liked you?
I’d say, uhhh, aren’t you already dating #6???

Fact about 9.
Just the man of my dreams in a nutshell.

Who is 6 going out with?
um, everyone, that’s the problem.

Who is number 5 to you?
my best friend and sister.

Would you ever live with 11?
I did for many years and they were wonderful except he never makes his own dinner…but he’s a great kid.

Is 2 single?
Why do you care so much about 2 man??

How much does 3 mean to you?
A lot.

What do you think about 1?
Can’t really think about those you understand. Number 1 is just number 1…

What’s the best thing about number 8?
The best thing about number 8 is his curiosity and open-mindedness.

What do you dislike about number 10?
I dislike that I can’t see her everyday.