Praying for peace tonight…
a cool night with the wind blowing through
thinking of my brothers and sisters who
might lose another or two,

if there’s no peace tonight


I don’t want to hear the cries from here
of the women, children, men of tears,
if there’s no peace anytime tonight








peace of mind
how lucky we are to write about this peace
how lucky we are to dream endlessly
but if there’s no peace tonight, I’m done dreaming


I tell you


no more dreaming of regional stability,
regional trade, regional growth, regional love
without peace tonight there is no regional hope.








so let there be peace, as God said on the seventh,
let there be rest, and hope for tomorrow.


So yes all day I’ve been thinking about the regional instability in the Horn. I had a talk with a Somali friend of mine and we thought and discussed and hoped together that these men will put down arms, in the name of women and children. Retreat, put down the arms, we beg of the Ethiopian government to get out while we’re all still ahead. On 12 December 2006 Islamic courts gave Ethiopian troops one week to leave Somalia or face a “major attack”. (BBC News, article linked above)