Aroni Awards Celebrates Inspirational People.

There are fewer things in life that are as precious as inspirational people. Inspirational people make it a personal goal not to judge others and are conscientious about this decision to be fair and accepting. Inspirational people have integrity and try, if possible, to improve another’s personal situation. Inspirational people, to me, arrive in spirits of kindness and generosity, hard work and initiative, determination and a sense of purpose in spite of the obstacles in their way. There are many things that make someone inspirational, sometimes it is the triumphs they have overcome and how they mentor others on their lessons learned.

From what I can tell Aron Y. Haile was one of those people. I didn’t know Aron personally yet I feel like I do. That is the legacy of an inspirational person. You don’t know them and yet you know them intimately. I have heard people talk about him with sparkles in their eyes and a slight smile on their lips – it’s really unmistakable how much he was loved. At the 1st Annual Aroni Awards Gala, an Awards Ceremony in his honour, I felt his spirit through the choice of words and phrases used to remember him in Toronto on Sunday December 10th, 2006.

Look out for more information on the 2nd Annual Aroni Awards and kudos to the Haile family and friends of Aron for their leadership.