Asmara, 18 December 2006- In continuation of their contributions to the Government’s efforts to develop higher education in the country, Eritrean nationals abroad have donated different books to the Eritrea Institute of Technology (EIT).

Accordingly, the Michigan-based Association of Eritreans and Friends (AEFM) and the Eritrean Development Fund (EDF) in the US have each donated 14,000 different university text and reference books.

Reports said that the current President of the AEFM, Prof. Eyassu Habtegaber, and Prof. Petros Geresus, Department Head of Industrial Engineering at Kettering University, visited EIT on December 12, during which they asserted that the donated books are being used properly.

The Head of the EIT, Col. Ezra Woldegabriel, commended the nationals for their gesture and called on others to take similar initiative.

It is to be noted that the Eritrea Institute of Technology has enrolled more than 6,000 students since 2004 and are now attending various degree and diploma programs.