I just realized I’m a Blogger Beta Refugee.

Last night I set things up on this fresh & clean WordPress blog. I finally left Blogger – it’s been a good two years, but it was time for change. As Vladmir Lenin once said, “A refugee is a man [sic] that votes with his feet.” So here’s my vote. I feel pretty confident during this post-decision time. However, I’ve realized that there are a group of “Blogger Beta Refugees” who realized like I did that once they signed up for WordPress, the Import function doesn’t support the new Blogger Beta. Quite a few bloggers who decided to switch from Blogger to WordPress first upgraded to the new Blogger Beta to give it one last try. Just to show Blogger we care. It was the melancholy glance back before migration. What a mistake that is. If you are thinking of switching from Blogger to WordPress – DO NOT ‘upgrade’ to Blogger Beta before you do that. It will be a low-down-dirty-shame.

So last night I joined the WordPress Technical Support community and spent hours reading about possible solutions to this import problem. The discussion I was following is 4 months old and from what I understand the issue is still unresolved.

Here are some of the interesting things mentioned:

  1. There is a crazy way to do it. A 31 point solution!
  2. There is a crazy but easier way to do it, which includes enabling the RSS feed on Blogger (which is now ATOM in the new Blogger Beta- Otto42 says it will be easier for a WordPress genius to devise an import function from ATOM than RSS – so GENIUS – come out, come out, wherever you are!) and then adding code to that feed since you can only import 25 posts at a time when you add the feed to the WordPress site. And, of course, if you’re using the ATOM feed, you have to add code to that to convert to RSS.
  3. There is no way to do it properly. Some people have noted malfunctions and others have decided to wait for the WordPress genius.

I realize that was as clear as mud. Imagine how I felt for hours last night…but the internet is a good way to practice Problem Based Learning (PBL).

My problem is that I’m impatient but careful. I really want to wait for a WordPress genius to devise a very clean and easy import function so I don’t mess this up but I notice that people have been Blogger Beta Refugees for awhile now. We’re just hanging around in the Support Centre. So I think I’m gonna make a move. I’m gonna try to import my afroRise! archives by converting the ATOM feed to RSS and then adding code to get all of my 137 posts onto my WordPress site.

Just pray for me please.